Secret Hair Grade 7A 8A or 10A Trade!

The RawHairGuru at DesiGner Virgin Hair Grade , Chinese hair trade's dirty Indian Secret! The Real Story Behind China Hair Grade & Where Your Hair Extensions Come From?
The hair balls (GOLI) Is collected by Black people for Black people from the household of Poor Black Indian homes.
They are very proud of this because its basically selling recycled hairs from combs for Millions from Blacks, so its Called Black Diamond by Those who know it.

The hair balls (GOLI) collected from the household of India. China Hair trade Indian secret by RawhairGuru!

However, those who dont know it, Call it Top quality Virgin hair in the Cambodia, Burmese, Chinese and Indian market, aka balls with no white hairs mixed.
Sold exclusively to African and other regions where a lot of Black lives who may or may not wear it,
but it’s so cheap and all they show on TV is silky soft flowing hair on European or other celebrity they know who are same skin tone to promote it...same as in the USA.
so the women eventually try the cheap hair a disgusting sight to think about and it hooked for life...!
Many of their own women go to India and buy this and return selling it way overpriced!
It’s The first form of Non Remy Cheap Hairs>>> What it look like before chemical processing in china!
Chinese did not make the grade system, They stole it as they do everything else!

I Lorneta Brown CEO of DesiGner Virgin Hair , Your RawHairGuru designed The Chinese Hair grade 5A to 10A 10yrs ago after learning of this >>>>The Nasty balls Hairs (GOLI) collected from Poor Black Indian houses!
( Your RawHairGuru)of Designer Virgin Hair designed the Fake Chinese %A 6a 7a 8a 9a 10A Hair Grade system 10yrs+ which was stolen and reuse to cont. the selling of this quality production all over the world by Chinese fake Hair factory owners from our website and use to sell the same blended cheap hair they are buying so cheap from been in bed with India and conspiring against Black women worldwide! They are the disgusting ones for knowingly selling garbage which maybe linked to many illness , and others who knowingly sell it , woe be unto the wicked!

This is what They know, that you didn't! Ladies You deserve better and can afford it, It is better to go on a layaway plan or
bald your heads than wearing this quality and bringing it around your children and family.
This Hair looks like its from sewage , someone pubic or booty hairs >>>I dont care how it looks after process,
its core is disgusting and nothingn good can come from it, so I RawHairGuru believe this is what cause the balding in Black women!
It appears to be a Joke they all know except, those buying and wearing them!
They cause the problem then appear to be the saving angels to fix it with an infected bondages!!!
This is wickedness! It remind me of when The hang Christ of the cross and He ask for water They gave Him Vinegar!
I also have experienced this, However, I count it all a b;esing because they did it to my Lord!

My People I am here for you if your seeking Raw hair, for your protective styles,
This mean I/we need your patience been an online business and you to be ready to make an investment,
because Pure Raw Hair is not cheap and is not common stock, its custom made only or we can send the cut bulk!

Its such a mess about hair grade on google Searches these days to trying to figure out what is grade 10a hair, 12a grade hair meaning, 10a mink hair, secret hair grade chart, 10a hair bundles with closure, 10a grade hair bundles, what is the best grade of hair extensions, does 10a bundles comes with closure or 11a grade hair ,None of it is true and the Chinese Did NOT create the original Hair grade system, It was stolen by manufacturers  in China as way to explain to their bad quality blends of scraps! I Lorna CEO DesiGner Virgin Hair , Your official RawHairGuru designed this and no Chinese factory and any other can confidently claim this, willing to take lie detector of  its origin if I must and to Christ be the Glory!

They proud to sell this Black Diamond Hair, Because its only sold to Black people by Black people , They dont really care about us! Live chat
You can find these types of lies spread all over google about My DesiGner Virgin hair grades >>>paying for length vs quality, whats the hell is 11A Grade Brazilian Virgin Hair and 11A+ Grade Chinese Virgin Hair. 14A Grade Brazilian Virgin Hair and 15A Grade Indian Virgin Hair. Welcome Home ladies, You have found the Originator of the official chinese hair grade at DesiGner Virgin Hair. Live chat with any questions you may hair about our hair or any other hair vendor and I can look and tell the fake mess they selling call virgin hair!